Sunday, December 19, 2010

Web bot Stock Predictions 2011

Well, the web bot is usually off these days so I have my own predictions into the New Year and for 2011. Just having some fun. So enjoy.

Predictions for Stock Market:

1. Nice window dressing into the new year. Stocks like Amzn, Apple will continue to make new highs at the end of the year.
2. Mid january 2011 - expect a nice sell off to end of Jan. This will be best time to buy into the stock markets again.
3. Gold and Silver continue the impressive run.
4. Oil is going to hit 100 per barrel.
5. Canadian Dollar will break 1.10 by Summer
6. My Favorite... the banks - watch C and BAC double next year (JPM, WFC will do well also)
7. "Greed is good" makes a big come back
8. Most like some Major World even kills what ever rally next year so be careful ie China, IRAN, North Korea. (I say next fall)
9. NFLX - Is this stock worth a gamble for options play. Could turn out like PCLN.

Happy New Year everyone! These are not Web bot predictions but I will mostly do better than any prediction the web bot will make for next year. Feel free to add your own predictions for 2011. Cheers!