Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 financial predictions on world markets

Well, with the web bot being off recently and stock markets appear to continue to go up. Here are some on my predictions for the stock markets this year. Though, most should just do the opposite that I say. That is why I blog, as I am taking huge losses, though not doing well in making money in blogging either:

My predictions for 2010:
1. Canadian Dollar to be worth more the US dollar soon. Maybe worth 10 percent more than the U.S dollar before years end.
2. Google will never pull out of China. Only empty threat.
3. Obama to tax banks more. I believe it.
4. Solar stocks to double by summer (CSIQ, TSL, LDK, YGE). Back to the good ole days.
5. US bank share prices will not fluctuate as much as last year.
6. Gold prices to continue to reach record levels.
7. Oil (hard to say) back to over 100 dollars a barrel.
8. US economy - too much unemployment will continue and not get better. Interest rates to stay low for the year.
9. APPLE to hit 300 dollars by years end.
10. Watch out for China - Huge bubble, if it pops, so does the world economy, though I think that bubble still has legs for another 1-2 years.

Cheers and Happy investing in 2010