Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 was a great year for Stocks - Wait 2014 will be bad year with a 10 percent correction

Prediction Overview of 2014:

*Canadian dollar should hover most of the year in the 85 and 91 cent range.
* Technology stock will hit highs and then do a major correction this year so be careful.
*Apple to finally come out with something very new, which everyone has been waiting for, since Steve Jobs past away. Iphone 6 bigger screens and a new health iwatch
* Apple is most likely recession proof but will hoover in the 500's until a new product is launched. new highs this year is possible.
* Chinese stocks flying for the ecommerce site. The amount of sales they do, out does Amazon and ebay combined.
* What about Bitcoin? Does it go back to 100 dollars or will the currency explode to 5000 at the end of the year like the owners think.
* Banks earning will rise year over year as interest rates start to rise in the coming years. US will start paring back their massive bond buying program thus interest rates will start to rise. Almost a no brainer here unless something rocks the markets again.
* Weather - lots and lots of rain that will cause floods in the US and tornadoes - the weather this year is very wonky. Wonder what next winter will bring.
* Bronco's or Seahawks for Super bowl? Seahawks blowout.
* Toronto Maple Leafs will not make the playoffs this year.
* Toronto Raptors will make it to the playoffs and go as far as the semi finals this year.
* Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto will go into rehab for his alcohol problems and will not get re-elected as Toronto Mayor.