Thursday, April 1, 2010

Web bot vs The Plunge Protection Team 2009 / 2010

Another theory is "The Plunge Protection team" has done a great job propping up the stock markets making the web bot prediction wrong in predicting the next downturn in financial markets. How much longer can governments prop up the markets? Many believe this is a must to turn the economy around. The rich need to stay rich... right? Then more jobs follow and what we call capitalism lives long and strong. Is the story now, buy on any dips in the stock markets? Well the trend is your friend in investing so just follow the masses until you see otherwise. If governments are truly rigging the markets upwards by buying into stocks and stock index futures ...etc then don't bet against them. How much longer will they do this for is the real question. Many believe they will keep propping up the markets for a little while yet.