Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Summer of Hell" 2009 for Financial Markets - Web bot predictions

The Web bot Prediction for this Summer 2009 will be a scary one, if it holds true.


  • “Summer of Hell” - Start sometime Mid/late June (After May 14th some signs start to emerge)
  • Oil gains on US inventory fall
  • Gasoline and distillate inventories decline
  • Collapse of the US dollar
  • Financial Markets re-test lows
  • Financial Banking System continues to be unstable
  • Commercial Re-estate and Credit write offs will be staggering
  • More Bank scandals
  • "Summer of Hell" ends around mid Aug, only to resume with a vengeance starting Oct 26

Web bot key word or phases:

"Oil gains on US inventory fall""We must ration Gasoline""Gasoline and distillate inventories decline""Gasoline prices take a toll on vacations"Food, foreclosures and fuel -- are these road enough markers?

Few Previous Predictions:

  • 911
  • October 7 2008 to February 19 2008 will be filled with emotional intensity - Financial System mess
  • Bottoming out of Financial Markets between Feb to Mar 2009


Don't believe everything, sometimes its a hit and miss but still mind blowing when you watch some of the videos about it. Invest in Energy (Oil), short financials before the summer starts or buy options to hedge your position (if you believe).

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