Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Fall - Web bot predicts the next collapse for financial markets (Oct 25)

Lastest news on the web bot project predictions has the stock markets to resumes their downword spiral from October 26 through November 5. On Nov 5 Obama administration will find itself in dire set of straits until Mid-March 2010 (some say Feb 2010), which mostly means with U.K. AAA Rating In Jeopardy, Is U.S. Next? The rising cost of credit default insurance on U.S. government debt, as well as the potential for higher spending on health care in the future. More detail to come later.... as there is not a lot of detail out yet on the next financial crises though most likely having the same theme, Oil Price and Gas Futures Skyrocketing, more bank scandals, US currency to continue weakness.